1. Empty Halls

From the recording Papa's Moon


Words and Music by Bob Timney
© Copyright Bob Timney 2015 - All Rights Reserved – 20141101

These pictures on the wall
They fill these Empty Halls
There's no room to get through
All the love that we once knew

The memories still remain
Slowly drivin' me insane
My entire life is there
Proof that someone once had cared
Hanging in these Empty Halls

In these Empty Halls

In this one well you can't tell
How it rained for weeks before
But the sun came shining down
On your pretty wedding gown

And here's one of the times
You're settin' with a glass of red wine
And another of the way
All the kids would come and play
When these weren't just Empty Halls

There's pictures of the dog
Some of family and friends
One of Niagara Falls
I had some water on the lens

There's some in black and white
Here's one that ain't too clear
But my favorite one of all
Is of all of us right here

So if you want to know
What I do and where I go
You don't have to look too far
I'm always here with my guitar

You can find me in the past
And you can find me in the pain
You can find me in the memory
Of a life when love was plenty
Somewhere in these Empty Halls

In these Empty Halls
In these Empty Halls
In my lonely Empty Halls