Mills - Dubel Wedding ~ 05/20/2017

Anyway, don't know if you have ever planned a wedding or been involved in a wedding, but I, personally, was pretty worried about how everything would just fall into place, and things would happen in the correct order. That is, until I made one simple phone call to Sgt. Bob Timney! Truly, from that very moment forward, I knew that everything was going to be ok!!  

Bob is one of those special people, that after first meeting, you know he's of good character and you want to know more about him, you want to be his friend.  

I've only known him for a few years, and I met him at a benefit for our veterans. When I got there, he was singing our National Anthem and I immediately had goosebumps! His voice is AMAZING, and that's an understatement.  

I was beyond thrilled when he agreed to travel all the way here (3-4 hour drive) for Sam & LeighAnn's big day! Not only would he sing and play music during the reception, but he also agreed to do the same at the ceremony!  

Then he begins to explain how he prefers to handle the wedding with the caterer, florist, photographer, and anyone else involved in this special day.  

I remember sitting there & wondering who in the world sent this gifted man into our lives! I was going to be ok! Things were going to happen! All would be well, because he wanted Sam, LeighAnn and I to just enjoy the day!  

Thank you, Sir, for lifting a huge weight off of my shoulders and every other big and little thing you did to make the kids' day so incredible and memorable!! We received SO many compliments about your singing, organization, personality, and the list just goes on and on! YOU WERE AWESOME & We are eternally GRATEFUL!! ??? 

Hope your Snoopy lunchbox had enough snacks in it to get you back home!!  ? 

Shari Mills (Mother of the bride)